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6 Secrets to Make Your Mattress Last Longer

June 7, 2016 Lydia Tyler 0 Comments

Buying a mattress or gel mattress topper is a big investment. Mattresses cost a lot of money according to the slumber gurus at Just Go Sleep to save yourself the frustration of having to buy a new mattress frequently, other than trusting a great manufacturer you will also need to protect it from damage. This will help you from spending unnecessarily on a mattress every few months.

1. Ensure it is properly supported

To prevent early wear of your mattress, you need to ensure it is properly supported. It does not mean you have to buy foundation of a matching box spring. The manufacturers always help you with this by putting suggestion of how to support the mattress. Some mattresses will require box springs while others need a solid and firm support. The best you use needs to support the weight of its users and it should have a center support bar especially if it is a king or queen size bed.

2. Use a mattress protector from the beginning

Premium Mattress ProtectorA mattress protector is the best and the simplest way to ensure that your mattress is protected. It ensures longer life for your mattress and maintains its quality. You should use a mattress protector that is waterproof in order to keep your mattress from spills and also to reduce the amount of dust that gets in your bed. It will also keep oils and sweat from your body from damaging the mattress keeping your bed allergen free.

3. Wash your bed linens weekly

Sweat from your body and oils from your skin and hair make your bed linens dirty. Eating in bed does not do them any good either. They will usually make your bed feel disgusting to sleep in if the linens are not washed regularly. To keep the dirt from accumulating and getting into your mattress or inviting mites and bed bugs, linensshould be washed weekly. Depending on the manufacturer’s directions, the mattress protector should also be washed often.

4. Don’t let pets into your bed

Even if your pets are clean and regularly groomed, they still shed fur and drool. Letting them cuddle in your bed leads to more issues that could damage your mattress. The occasional accidents like urinating in your bed could ruin an otherwise great mattress. Get your pets a separate bed where they can cuddle and save your expensive mattress the damage they could cause.

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5. Regularly rotate the mattress

Most manufacturers will say that it is not necessary to rotate your mattress but it is. Regular rotation allows your mattress to wear out evenly. It also helps prevent softening and depressions on the mattress. Rotate the mattress every two to six months especially during the first few years after it has been bought.

6. Air out your mattress

Every few months strip your mattress and let the light in. this helps keeps excess moisture off the mattress. It also helps get rid of dust mites. You should however keep the mattress cover on if it is possible it could get bed bugs. Bed bugs ruin the mattress faster than anything else.

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