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Indoor Tanning Lotion Vs Natural Sun Tan

September 16, 2017 Lydia Tyler 0 Comments

Honestly speaking – tanning – whether a natural or artificial, is harmful. This is due to this fact that tanning results in the penetration of rays into the skin. It increases the melanin production and alternate you genetic makeup. So, none of these methods is 100% safe!

It’s a huge debate – tanning lotions vs. natural skin tan. You can get a lot and lot of readings, blogs, publications, books and articles on the pros and cons of these methods. You may have observed people talking a lot during tanning sessions about the safety and preferences of the tanning methods. This is a fact of a great surprise – even having so much information and knowledge about the tanning products and its safety related issues, people are still confused about the use and abuse related to tanning lotions. This article is a sort of comparison between an indoor tanning lotion effect and natural tan results.

Indoor Tanning Lotion Vs Natural Sun Tan

Working – tanning lotion vs. sunlight

  1. Indoor tanning lotion increases the amount of UV into your skin. Indoor tanning lotions consist of DHA; DHA reacts with the dead cells of epidermis and makes your skin tan. This reaction is also responsible for the bad smells, you get after tanning lotions.
  2. Indoor tanning lotion increases the amount of melanin inside your body. this hormone is responsible to give your skin – a tan look
  3. Natural tan is observed when a person spends hours and hours under sunlight. Too much exposure to direct sun makes you at high risk of many harmful skin disorders
  4. The UV – rays go into your skin, dry your skin and give you a poor quality tan, in case of natural sun tan.

Sun tan and indoor tanning- where the difference lies!

Sun tan and indoor tanning- where the difference lies!

  1. Wrinkles

Natural tan is responsible for giving you bad skin and wrinkles. This is due to extensive loss of moisture from your skin. Your skin dries and you get wrinkles. On the other hand, indoor tanning lotions are meant to give you moisture and give your skin – an attractive look.

  1. Genetic disturbance and antioxidants

Natural tans are results of genetic alternations. Your skin gets exposed to the UV rays and you get your skin tone changed. Indoor tanning lotions consist of antioxidants that fight against the tanning alternations.     

  1. Skin cancer issue

It is a research based fact that people staying under sunlight –more than 4-5 hours continuously are at high risk of skin cancers and tumors, due to dry skin. On the other hand, people who use tanning lotions while tanning get their skin nourished and moisturized, so no dryness occur.

  1. Oil free

Tanning lotions are oil free in nature. So, your skin pores don’t clog and remain open

  1. Time saving and harmless

Tanning lotions are time saving and economical. They save your hours and hours sitting on a beach and waiting for your skin color to change. Moreover, tanning products contain such ingredients that give you uniform and excellent tanning results – quickly!

Tanning lotions have countless beneficial effects. Though tanning products are not so much recommended but they are far better than natural sun tan!

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