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chef robbie hojilla

robbie hojillaChef Robbie Hojilla brings his vast experience to Hudson Kitchen, as well as his “root to leaf” approach to cuisine. A man whose menu is driven by the season, Hojilla loves to nerd-out in the kitchen with new fresh ingredients. His idea of a good time is finding new ways to “show off” an entire ingredient, particularly with vegetables. A fan-favourite in Toronto’s culinary fellowship, his Lord of the Rings like journey began in his home kitchen, eventually moving up the ranks through Centro, Thuet, Woodlot, across Europe and back. Since the dining experience is his main priority, Hojilla would lose his lunch if he heard the expression, “turn em and burn em” uttered in his kitchen, as it is the ultimate insult to the patron and the English language.

sous chef kyle webster

general manager laura skene

manager laura skenePeople have been taking direction from Laura since she was an 11 year old figure skating coach.  A born manager, she  describes her style of leadership as less Kris Jenner, and more 80’s WWF (before it was WWE) female anomaly “Scary Sherry.”  Noting that Sherry not only had “awesome eyeshadow” but could also hold her own in a male-dominated space.

Her fresh face is the product of Noxzema (those girls “get noticed”) but she’s actually been working in the hospitality game for 15 years.  Laura has had some low points ( does anyone remember Plastique?) but we are really amazed at her experience from National Corporate trainer at Cara Foods, to managing some of Toronto’s top restaurants.  She’s what we here at Hudson Kitchen like to call “a score.”

FUN FACTS ABOUT LAURA:  Her spirit Animal is a Penguin and, please try not to  judge her, although she has access to the freshest  and most inventive dishes,  sometimes she just needs to  unwind with a crunch wrap from Taco Bell.

head bartender jay meyers

head bartender jay meyersLeave the ball throwing to pitchers and the bottle throwing to Jay Meyers. Head bartender, and proud mustache proprietor, Jay Meyers began his adventure in the culinary industry six years ago. He discovered his niche for flair bartending and perused his passion through the Toronto Flair League. With more tattoos than Tommy Lee, Jay whips up some serious concoctions. It’s safe to say he will completely change your thoughts on the classic cocktail, like the Corpse Reviver #2 – ask for it next time you swing by, trust us. If Jay weren’t working for us, he’d be a part of the Canadian Armed Forces. Sorry CAF but we’re keeping him.